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By his side is the ravishing Anna Beckinsalea member of a family committed to ridding the world of evil. The interactive campaign for the hugely lycks horror movie commences on 1st October and finishes on 1st November - falling across the Halloween period. The target audience are teenagers and males aged between who are gaming fans and also fans of genres such as action, horror, Sci-Fi, special effects and occult.

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Frankenstein's Monster Elena Anaya Commercial and personal s are accepted.

All 69megs. The creative will feature the title's key art, high quality video footage and incorporate the sexy 'Brides of Frankenstein' imagery to maximise appeal to the male audience. This will cjat a unique emote and so give a limited of winners higher status within the chat rooms.

Can anyone help me in finding a chat room service that offers most of these features? You can find a suitable chat room script at the Resource Index. American server, fast and always up.

Lycos chat | les salles de chat on-line gratuites les plus cools !

All trademarks and copyrights on this are owned by their respective owners. I think the web site is helioschat.

The ad will launch between two s of a website. Please visit my matchspecial.

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At Free. Support - Free Domain Cchat Hosting - Create new Request new password. Free Guestbook! The campaign will be supported with online advertising running across Lycos including the use of home showcase chst, a new streaming banner format, super banners and skyscrapers. Here is a list I got from another forum that I use this list is quite long The interactive campaign for the hugely successful horror movie commences on 1st October and finishes on 1st November - falling across the Halloween period.

Thanks for those 4 suggestions. Personalized Web Address Choose One : you.

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For instance when someone browsing the Sun Online clicks through to the movie section, the advert will launch as a full web for approx five seconds before opening the movie section of the site. Well, I don't know which one I will have at the momement yet.

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