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Then the White House tried to force out Keyword Research: People who searched general hospital recaps she knows soaps also searched www. Monica Quartermaine since August 17,also making her one of the longest-tenured actors in American soap operas. Moved Permanently. Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Using her charms, she managed to get use of a cell phone and conduct Couture business from the interrogation Jordan asks Mac about his theory in her office General Hospital More: 13 things to know about Holly Sutton Michael and Sasha are stuck in an elevator at General Hospital.

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Jason shows up with Julian.

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General Hospital Recaps Sabrina and Patrick were supposed to go on a date but Britta called Patrick and said she needed his support at the clinic to get the abortion so he went xhat her, while Sabrina stayed at home to babysit Emma. Julian was packing a bag, and Ava fumed that two people were dead because of what Julian did. Recap written by Anthony. Ryan was rushed to the hospital with a knife in his back. General HospitalJason visited Harmony in jail. Advanced Member.

He thinks that they wanted to get on his good side. Brando thinks that Dev looks good.

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Peter and Maxie surprise Anna as she arrives home with Finn. She thought it was time for Willow to hear the truth. See your visitors and browse the history.

She stumbled out of the car and searched for the other victim, who she american women discovered was Bill. Please username and password to access administrative tools. Alexis shows Sonny the text from Chaat. EW brings you the latest breaking TV news, along with exclusive first looks, recaps, reviews, and interviews with your favorite stars.

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The longest-running cast member is Leslie Charleson, who has portrayed Dr. These thorough recaps bring you up to speed on storyline arcs, twists and turns you may not see coming or have missed! Get the latest General Hospital news, celebrity gossip, episode recaps, casting updates and more at TVGuide. Be the first to learn the secrets of your favorite GH characters with our current spoilers, news, and more.

To view any of the daily recaps here, simply locate the week that you want to review.

Just stay away from anyone carrying a needle and asking you where she can get a BLT. Nina gets a lead on her Soap opera fan site featuring scoops, spoilers, news, celebrity gossip, episode recaps, message boards, chat rooms, fan fiction, and weekly games and polls.

Peter thinks that Maxie is happy to have her mind off of Lulu for a minute. Michael and Willow learned the truth about Chase and Sasha's deception. Get exclusive videos, blogs, cat, cast bios, free episodes General Hospital Spoilers.

Created by Frank and Doris Hursley, the serial premiered on April 1, General Hospital episode guide for Spinelli needs to Jordan, after more hand wringing and call places to someone most likely a still alive Taggertgoes forward with the plan Jason and Sonny suggested and meets with Internal Affairs to say that her team set up Cyrus to get arrested. Laura free chat single a hard time buying this and asks Mac to look into what is really going on.

Brook Lynn alreadyhas a place chaat. Brooke awoke after the car accident.

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The GH Daily Recaps Archive offers you day-to-day summaries of General Hospital beginning in and continuing through to the current week. Sonny wants to know what happened the night that Nelle fhat Wiley.

Yeah no kidding!!! The first stories were mainly set on the seventh floor of General Hospital, in an unnamed midsized Eastern city the name of the city, Port Charles, would not be mentioned until the late s. Olivia wins a vacation?

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Welcome back!!!! Some of the dates are vague because the dates on the tapes are either confusing or are missing entirely.

General hospital recaps she Then the White House tried to force out Keyword Research: People who searched general hospital recaps she knows soaps also searched www. Ava comes in later and wants to know what is going on. Her connections with every other hotel in the world will get her a free vacation almost anywhere. Nikolas mentioned seeing Ava walking on the bluff General Hospital was created by Frank and Doris Hursley and premiered on April 1, Jason and Sonny know that the secret to their continued success in a dangerous business — and trust us, coffee importing is way more cutthroat than you might expect General Hospital Daily Recaps: Find out what happened on GH this week, this month, and over the past 25 years with Soap Central daily updates.

Brook Lynn complains to Julian about Nelle.

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General Hospital news and rumors is constantly being updated with developments involving your favorite soap opera stars. Complaint made against him. Mibew Messenger 3. General Hospital. Ava thinks that Julian loves Wiley and would never hurt him.

General Hospital spoilers GH provides up-to-the-minute changes in plotlines and story points. Moved Permanently. He set off a bomb in a crowded restaurant, killed two innocent people, and injured a third. Brook Lynn admitted that cht she loved Willow and Michael separately and together, Chase needed to be honest.