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Open sidebar DIS lista-spam Repository. Find file Blame History Permalink. Edit Web IDE.

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They a not a source of facts on the Harry Potter books, certainly. I note that among the fan forums, possibly acceptable publications of theories exist.

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I think that this is the correct theroy because she always talks about how 7 is the most powerful magicla. Including Nicholas Flamel who was a real person.

Hey, can the protection be removed from this article? How big should this section be? However, my better judgement is that he has removed what he has because it is uncited.

When it does, we do not know. Do we actually know that it will be called "Harry Potter and the Actually, I have been trying to take the same position as you did in the talk archive in July Tuvas19 April UTC. What's this??

Ifrance, iespana, ibelgique, etc.

Brian Jason Drake diff ]. Tuvas11 April UTC. Yes, we run the risk of vandelism, but, there's always that risk. They are a source for the existance of speculation. Snape links to a Disambiguation instead of Severus Snape.

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The real problem in my opinion is the insertion of uncited information. Namespaces Article Talk. Elfich8 June UTC. Edit Web IDE. Pretty much everything igrance this except for the leading section is a copyvio, either directly quoted or with a few words altered here and there. In the article it says there are some clues in the Azkaban film about the upcoming books.

Army medical services: campaigns vol ifrance & belgium ; norway; battle of britain; libya, ; east africa; greece, ; crete; iraq; official history of the second world war

But J. Although no real person cgat known to succeed in making it, many people tried! I imagine that relevant info from here will be carried forward to the new book 7and this will be kept for reference, as is the case for the equivalent written before HBP was published. Does anybody have any objections? Do we have proof of a 07 release date? At the bottom of the The section doesn't really say very much else, just makes a joke about wizarding universities, which logically phone chat personals nebraska be harry's next year of cjat, were the series to continue.


It is relevant that book 7 is intended to be the last, so all storylines will be tied up. Articles just cry out for pictures.

Why can't we edit this ? Many think the mysterious Room of Requirement Now locked on J.

The Philosopher's ifdance is a historical fact. If you wish to start a new discussion or revive an old one, please do so on the current talk.

Talk:harry potter and the deathly hallows/archive 2

The section contains good information, but should it strictly be in ifrrance Book Seven article? Each of these has a pretty well-written list as to why people think it might happen, and why people think it won't, generally all quite accurate. If you disagree, please let me know, but I think these outstanding questions should be explicitly stated.

It should be OK to cover fan speculation. Warner brothers also published dates on their film DVDs though admittedly Irrance have yet to make the software work so I can see it. Recently, it has looked like Evilphoenix is an aggressive deletionist with a vendetta against speculation. Tuvas24 May UTC.


It's when Harry gets out of bed looking for Pettigrew in the corridors. Cgat is only one place in the books that even gives a hint of a date, to which all of these dates are based off of. Okay, I have just compared the Lexicon's on this with our article. This should be addressed. This is an archive roulette dirty past discussions.

I would, but I can't edit the. When it was edited, one of the links was linked properly, the other is linked as an edit request to Severus Snape. I am more interested in the thought that in a year or two, after the release of Book 7, the entire article will be re-written. I would like to believe this is not true. It's supposedly when Harry's looking on the map and he sees Peter Pettigrew Information on the speculation surrounding the books is worthy information for inclusion, just like other real-world information such as chat de sexo en espanol of release and s of books sold.

She is also a British author more than aware that the London Bombings are still fresh in people's minds. Matchups11 June UTC.